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Our Services

At NLM, we find the best allocation and strategies for product development and distribution. Our unique product outreach approach helps us understand our target market. We aim to produce an optimum return on investment for our distribution and brand partners. 

Corporate Sales
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Corporate Sales

NLM Marketing endorses your brands at the largest retailers across the US. Through diversified marketing and distribution strategies, we help your brand stay relevant in today's competitive food space.

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In the competitive food retail space, your product quality and distribution are two key elements for your brand's success. We understand that In-Store support is the best form of branding. We work to stay near your brand and work parallel to its growth, providing constant monitoring, quality control and merchandising support. 


Branding Solutions

A powerful brand is built by a powerful branding strategy. We offer brand solutions, helping you bring your brand into the consumer's hands, the REAL decision-makers. Always understanding the target market and demographics your brand aims to reach. 

Branding Solutions
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Hispanic Market Reach, Development & Cross-Over Marketing

Hispanics are not a homogenous group. To truly understand a market that spans so many countries of origin, market research is critical. And in order to reach this, you need a team that understands their culture, needs and market trends. 

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Distribution & Management

Through strategic partnerships, we work to enhance your brand's product distribution, maximizing shelf space, branding development, and exposure and managing the most essential aspects for your brand to achieve success in the marketplace. 

Digital Marketing
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